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Stay Cautious
Personal Safety App

Alert your guardians of any uncomfortable situations silently.

Your smartphone is your weapon. USE IT!

Why Is Stay Cautious App Even Needed?

Violence against women is now recognised to be a serious and widespread problem in Australia, with enormous individual and community impacts and social costs.

Please find below some of the Stats of violence against women.

One in three Australian women has experienced physical violence, since the age of 15.

One in five Australian women has experienced sexual violence.

Every year in Australia, over 300,000 women experience violence – often sexual violence.

Eight out of ten women aged 18 to 24 were harassed on the street in the past year.

Young women (18 – 24 years) experience significantly higher rates of physical and sexual violence .

Of those women who experience violence, more than half  have children in their care.

What does the app do

Stay Cautious collects various information from the phone/user’s surroundings and sends the data to the guardians.

Easy Trigger

In emergency situations it’s difficult to execute a sequence of activities just to trigger an SOS message. We’ve solved this problem by one key trigger.

Multiple guardians

A single person might not be available at the time when you need them. We are sending the report to 3 different numbers and also sending an email report.

Calling Primary Guardian

Sometimes people might ignore an SMS or Email, but they almost all the time check the number they’re getting a call from. Making sure that the SOS call is heard.

Accurate Location

Sawdhaan uses state of an art technology to send your exact location to the guardian so that you can get support where you need it as soon as possible.

Sound recording and Picture

This is not just a fancy feature. 15 Sec. voice recording and a Picture from the selfie camera may help guardians assess the emergency and take proper action.

Repeated Operation

Sawdhaan functions continuously till the time it’s not stopped manually. This is how guardians receive continuous updates on the current situation.

Why we are different

Stay Cautious is not an app that you would have to use every day. And we also hope that you do not need to use it, but you can’t predict time. Bad things happen, and when they do you really hope that someone close to you should be there to take care of you and the situation. However, at the time of panic, our mind doesn’t work most of the times properly, and some circumstances do not allow you to make a call to your guardians.

Sure there are many emergency responses and women safety apps out there but as mentioned above the mind, at the time of a panic situation might not be able to perform a series of action to send an SOS message.

With Stay Cautious, we’ve addressed this issue and sending not just an SOS message but almost everything happening around you is just a trigger away.

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